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Thank you for trusting us at VIP Grooming for your Pet's Grooming Needs!


Our goal is to provide the safest, most enjoyable grooming experience for you and your pets. We strive to maintain a clean grooming salon and provide the highest standards possible with our grooming and products we use. Below are our policies that we have developed to ensure the safety and happiness of your pets while in our care.

Very Important Pet (VIP) Grooming Salon & Boutique Policies & Procedures


Grooming Policies:

  • We ask that all pets entering the salon must be leashed or in a carrier!
  • You must walk your dog to potty before you bring them for grooming. Multiple eliminations in the salon may result in a hazard clean up fee. If your pet eliminates on themself and we need to re-wash, it will result in a $10+ cleaning fee.
  • We do not require proof of vaccination records, but your pets' vaccinations must be up to date. If your pet were to bite, animal control would be notified and they may quarantine your pet, if they are not up to date on rabies vaccination. Puppies should have all puppy vaccines completed prior to coming in for their wellbeing. 
  • Haircut appointments typically take between 2-3 hours for small dogs and cats, 3-4 hours for medium dogs and 4-5 hours for large/X-large dogs. Please allow us the time needed to complete the grooming session. We will call/text you as soon as they are ready to be picked up. The pets do not like to be rushed, nor do the groomers.
  • We work hard to provide a calm, stress-free setting for our fur clients. If your pet becomes aggressive, stressed, or a noise nuisance, you will be called immediately for pick up and may be charged up to full price + a handling fee.
  • Although accidents are very rare, there is of course always a risk when handling live animals. Although we use extreme caution and care in all situation's, grooming equipment is extremely sharp and accidents can occur, including but not limited to: cuts, nicks, scratches, quicking of the nails. Unforeseen allergic reactions to products used can also happen. In most cases, accidents can happen when a pet is anxious, wiggling and moving around suddenly during the grooming session. Your pet’s safety and comfort is our number one priority. In the event an accident does occur, you will be notified. If VIP Grooming feels it is an accident requiring veterinary attention and the pet owner is not on-site, we will seek immediate veterinary care for your animal. There are also times when mat burns show after they are shaved out. This is not caused by the groomer being careless, but the severity of the mats. We will always do an inspection of your pet upon arrival and in the bathtub. Your groomer will notify you of anything they find. Should any cuts occur during the grooming process, we will notify you and advise you on how to treat these. Injuries caused due to the condition of the pets matting is NOT the responsibility of VIP Grooming and any vet costs due to these are at the expense of the Client.
  • Senior pets: These grooms are often what we call comfort grooms, meaning they are out of the comfort of your pet, they may not be perfect. We will do our best to complete your senior pet's groom. Grooming can be stressful for senior pets, we work within your pets comfort level, if at any time your pet is not tolerating the groom we will stop and notify you. 
  • All cats who are in for grooming (bath/tidy/haircut) will have their nails trimmed regardless for the groomer's safety.
  • We do not groom pets who need vet prescribed sedation medications to be groomed such as Trazodone, Acepromazine and Gabapentin. Over the counter calming medications are okay such as CBD or Benadryl. If your pet requires a vet-prescribed sedation medication in order to be groomed, they should be groomed at the vet.
  • Walk-in services only include Nail Trimming, Ear Cleaning, Gland expression, and Teeth Brushing. Appointments for these in advance are not necessary.
  • Express Grooming is available. Express appointments are scheduled at the first appointment of the day and your pet is worked on straight through, no kenneling. But, you must be available to pick up your pet as soon as you receive a pickup message.
  • Prices quoted over the phone or sight un-seen are a base price estimate only. Actual price may be different based on the pet's breed, weight, temperament, coat condition and length.
  • Only a 15-minute grace period will be given for arriving late, after 15 minutes your appointment will be canceled, and you will be charged a $25 no-show fee. You must call 24-hours prior to cancel. A late cancellation will result in a $25 fee before you are able to reschedule. After 3 offenses of late cancelation or arriving late, we will require Pre-payment for any future appointments made!
  • Pets who are called for pick up must be picked up within 1 hour of first notice, otherwise you will be charged a late pick-up fee of $15/hr. Pets who are groomed close to closing hours must be picked up by our stated salon closing time.
  • Pets that come in with fleas will automatically receive a flea bath at the pet owner's expense of $10 depending on pet's size. Any remaining ticks will automatically be hand plucked at owner's expense of $1 per tick.
  • Dogs with lightly matted fur/hair is okay (lightly matted mean's a few matts on ears and tail, NOT WHOLE BODY!). Dogs with severely matted fur/hair, and cats with any matts will automatically be shaved as short as needed to not cause any discomfort to the pet and the owner will be charged a matt fee of $10+ for dogs, cats have a matted fee included in the matted cat haircut package. If the cats matts can be shaved out in the sani areas without shaving the whole body a matted cat fee of $50 will be charged.
  • Ear hair is plucked unless requested otherwise, if there is an ear infection present, hair will not be plucked.
  • Add-on anal glands are checked, and only gland expressed externally if needed. We do not guarantee to fix or cure any anal gland issue, if there is an issue after expression, we will no longer express and will refer you to a veterinarian for future anal gland expressions. We do not express anal glands on cats.
  • We Do Not Accept Checks! Credit card or cash only.
  • As minimum wage goes up along with our business operations costs including equipment, supplies, etc., price increases will be made annually.
  • If you have an issue with your pet's haircut, please let us know with-in 48 hours of the grooming appointment and pictures must be provided by email showing the concern. After that we may not be able to resolve the issue without charging to re-groom.
  • You hereby grant Very Important Pet (VIP) Grooming the permission to capture and utilize photographs and videos of my dog/cat/small animal for the purpose of posting on social media and promotional materials.
Retail Policies:
  • Returns are accepted up to 30 days from purchase for store credit only. Must have original tag/packaging intact and be in un-used condition.
  • There are No Return's on treats, cookies, toys, CBD products or any on-sale items.

Other General Policies:

  • Very Important Pet Grooming Salon & Boutique reserves the right, to refuse service to anyone at our own discretion.
  • Very Important Pet Grooming Salon & Boutique has extensive safety and sanitation precautions to ensure your pets safety and health. Occasionally, grooming can expose a hidden medical issue, or aggravate a current one. If in the event of an emergency or if medical treatment is needed, in the best interest of your pet, we will obtain immediate veterinary care at the pet owner's expense. We are not responsible for any injuries or sudden death of your pet. 
  • By signing this agreement, you agree to relieve VIP Grooming Salon & Boutique from any and all liabilities related to your pet's grooming.
Thank you for your support!


Detail: This policy is shown on the company page and is required for all clients.


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