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Breathsaver Dental Cleaning, Non-Anesthetic Dental Cleaning for Your Pet's!

Now Offering Veterinarian supervised, Non-Anesthetic Teeth Cleaning!

Does your pets have Bad Breath?

They may need a Teeth cleaning!

Great for older dogs and cats, pets with heart conditions and very affordable!

We offer the very Best in cleaning your pet’s teeth without using any Anesthesia. Our technique is very gentle; and with our trained experience in handling your pet, it will be the best and least invasive teeth cleaning your pet will ever experience.  

We work with Veterinarians who have been working in the field over 15 years.  

We only work with direct supervision with our Vets and this service is available at no additional cost. 

We provide the Best Non-Anesthesia Teeth cleaning for your pet and below explains the services we provide.  

We always work directly with our Veterinarian’s on site to provide the safest and consistent care for your pet.  

Our Pet Hygienist have over 20 years of experience in working with animals and cleaning their teeth.

Veterinarians Services:

  • Do an exam of the pet’s coat, mouth and gums to confirm your pet is a good candidate for our procedure
  • Listen to the pet’s heart for a strong healthy heart beats
  • Our Veterinarian’s can prescribe and administer antibiotics if they see it beneficial for the teeth cleaning, (additional cost depending on weight of pet)
  • Give after care instructions and answer any questions you may have.

Dental Services

  • Oral Evaluations
  • Thorough dental scaling and polishing for your pet
  • Care and maintenance of dental condition
  • Professional referrals to the right specialist for your pet’s needs, including dental surgeons, conventional & holistic veterinarians, etc.

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Non-Anesthetic Dental Cleaning Prices:

Small 0-20 lbs $175

Medium 21-50 lbs $185

Large 51-80 lbs $195

X-Large 80+ lbs &200

There is a $20 Deposit required when you book. This Deposit goes towards the Cleaning Price and is Non-Refundable in the Event that you need to Cancel, or if your pet is Not a good Candidate for the Dental Cleaning